Centre For Climate Change Awareness

Our Partners

Mother-to-Earth Network(M-e-net)

(M-e-net)is composed of civil society organisations, corporate bodies, faith-based organisations, government agencies and institutions of learning involved in environmental conservation and management. It serves as an international platform that aims at creating collective local, national and international advocacy, capacity building and awareness on environmental issues. The forum aims at providing synergies in advocacy, dialogue and information sharing.

Kenya Young Greens

KYG is an initiative of Kenyan youths promoting green philosophy. It was registered as a society in Kenya in 2007. KYG’s mission is to promote and advocate for a better Kenyan society through a culture of education, communication, advocacy, empowerment and networking with like-minded young people to advance green principles.

Consolata Shrine, Westlands, Nairobi

We work with both the Consolata Youth Rehabilitation Programme (Coyrep) and the Justice and Peace Committee (JPC). Coyrep is a non-governmental organisation and was started as an initiative of the Consolata Shrine in August, 2001. It is located at the Deep Sea slums in Westlands and focuses its efforts on offering hope to the needy people of these slums, including street children through promotion of education, health, financial empowerment and sanitation. Its work is supported by the JPC which aims at educating the poor and vulnerable on their rights.

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